Lemon Lavender Ice Cream Sandwiches

Lavender Lemon ice cream sandwiches 1-1

What is summer without ice cream? Don’t answer that- it’s too depressing. Here in the Northwest, we only have three glorious months that are warm enough to indulge in this creamy and icy treat. That’s not to imply a Molly’ Moon’s craving doesn’t hit mid-January. I’m just saying you won’t have to hunker down in your coat while you make the five-block journey home with frozen hands. To celebrate this pleasantly sunny season, I give you – Lemon Lavender Ice Cream Sandwiches.


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Raw breakfast crumble

Raw Breakfast Crumble w/ Coconut Whipped Cream {Video}

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I hope everybody’s Saturday is off to a wonderful start. I’m currently sitting in my breakfast nook, sipping tea and daydreaming about the summer ahead. Can you believe June is less than a week away? It blows my mind. There will be plenty of good eats and a move to a… 

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Lemon Vanilla Cashew Powerballs 2-1

Vanilla Lemon Cashew Powerballs

I told ya I would be back. 2 months is a long hiatus but I needed to find my way back into the kitchen and actually enjoy it. While baking used to relax me, somehow something changed and I felt the opposite. I guess all it took was a breather because now it’s fun to… 

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Brownies 2-1

Chocolate Chunk Black Bean Brownies + Announcement!

Wow! I can’t believe I haven’t posted a new recipe in almost a month. Sorry about that folks but hopefully these Chocolate Chunk Black Bean Recipes will make up for the time lost. Before I dive into these delicious brownies, I have an announcement.  My novel “Love of a Rockstar” hit eBook shelves everywhere February… 

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strawberry cheesecake 3-1

No-Bake Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cheesecake

I was always weary of Cool Whip since everybody and their mom spouts about how chemically processed it is. I’m not going to deny that claim but let me tell you something. Cool Whip makes an amazing no-bake cheesecake.  You get a creamy, light, vanilla scented dessert which firms up within 2 hours.  HELLO! Life… 

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