Valentines Day Dinner: Scratch Deli

 1718 12th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98112

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill 

425 – 269 – 2427

9 am – 7 pm everyday 

First of all, hello to my new visitors from Food Gawker and thank you for stopping by! I am delighted to have you here. Hope you find a recipe to enjoy or a restaurant to dine at which applies to everybody who reads this little blog. Now lets jump right into it, shall we? Valentines Day is the worst night to go out to dinner and I’ll let this article list the reasons why.  However, that doesn’t mean every restaurant is over crowded with inflated prices for the holiday. Case in point, Scratch Deli.

Scratch Deli (1 of 2)A former food truck that served delicious sandwiches to hungry Seattleites. This past summer they moved their operation to People’s Republic, a coffee house on 12th avenue.  I know what your thinking, “Is this woman really suggesting I woo my date over sandwiches?”  Yes. Yes I am. Before you start throwing chocolate covered hearts at my head, hear me out. People’s Republic has a cozy atmosphere with wood tables and local made art dotting the walls. It’s the kind of place you can linger over a cup of coffee for hours.  The food isn’t regular coffee house bad, thanks to Scratch Deli.  They serve locally sourced sandwiches on bread light as air. I recommend the Banh Mi ($7.31) which is packed with flavorful pork and pickled vegetables.  Want something lighter? Try the Cream of Broccoli Soup ($2.73) or the House Salad ($4.73)  Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about dessert.  On the blog tomorrow, the best pie in Seattle.

Grand Total of meal 

1 Banh Mi – $7.31

1 House Salad – $4.73

1 Broccoli Soup – $2.73

+ 15% tip



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